SAGITTARIUS RAP EC PM RF - Robot palletiser for aerosol cans

Areosol palettising system.JPG
Cans layer squaring device (da ritagliare).JPG
Empty pallet picking device.JPG
Layer motorised preforming area (da ritagliare).jpg
Picking head for Areosol.JPG
Row pusher with lateral flaps.jpg
Single infeed solution with lateral pusher.JPG
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The palletising robot SAGITTARIUS RAP EC allows the palletisation empty and aerosol (EC) cans, by using a device equipped with a magnetic head (PM) or a vacuum head (PV). Row formation type (RW) is suitable to handle unstable cans.

The SAGITTARIUS system is extremely flexible and allows the palletisation of 2 different products at the same time. It is the best solution for lines at low and medium speed.