PF80- Stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring

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PF 80 Stretch wrapping machine.jpg
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This fully automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine with Rotating Ring allows to obtain a steady and compact packaging of any type of palletized load, and can meet the needs of Customers with high speed production lines. This model is available in various configurations and with different ring rotation speed, in order to provide the most proper solution according to the requested capacity and the product characteristics. In fact, the machine can be equipped with 500 or 750 mm wide single or double stretch film roll, with 750 mm wide single stretch fi lm roll, and with integrated Top Sheet Dispenser for pallet top covering.

Modern product packaging requires a consolidated focus on protection of t he full pallet during transport. For this reason this machine could also be equipped with an automatic vertical corner dispenser, available with one or two magazines (Mod. PF101 or PF102).